Then And Now: Bridget Carleton

Then and Now looks at photos of Chatham-Kent athletes, in the past, and in the present.

Today, we look at Chatham-Kent super-athlete Bridget Carleton, then – with the Chatham-Kent Wildcats, and now – with the NCAA’s Iowa State Cyclones.


Bridget Carleton

Bridget Carleton with the Chatham-Kent Wildcats in 2011- Submitted Photo


Bridget Carleton NCAA

Bridget Carleton scores 17-points for Iowa State in Chatham in 2018 – Photo by Iowa State

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    Bill Holling 3 years

    I never knew how special she is until I started following her after the game here. She is the complete player, look at her points in every game very impressive but add to her point total the number assists she has that add up to more points plus the steals and the blocks and you have a player that any coach would give anything to get one.

    A treasure we didn’t know we had .