Bridget Carleton Considered High End Prospect For This Year’s WNBA Draft

Bridget Carleton plans to play professional basketball, and that dream might take a big leap forward in a few short months.

The WNBA Draft is April 10, and many have been talking about Carleton, who is finishing her senior season with the NCAA’s Iowa State Cyclones, as a high end prospect.

Some mock drafts have Carleton going as high as a late first round draft pick.

One of Carleton’s biggest advocates, is here Iowa State head coach Bill Fennelly.

“I think Bridget is the most versatile player in the country. In a time where “position less” basketball is the norm, Bridget fits that perfectly as she can play anywhere on the floor and will impact winning in a variety of ways,” said Fennelly, explaining what a WNBA team can expect of Carleton. “She is also an amazing teammate and representative of the program and franchise. Bridget will be a huge fan favourite as she is at Iowa State.”

Carleton, widely considered the top player in the Big 12 this season, was on almost every major award watch list as the season progressed.

One of only two members of Canada’s Senior Women’s National Team who wasn’t playing professional basketball last season, that fact is likely about to change.

Fennelly however, believes Carleton is a pro-ready player.

“Bridget is definitely a player who can play professionally and be a great asset to any team that selects her. I don’t think there is a better player in the upcoming draft that has the overall skill set physically and mentally like Bridget has moving to the next level.”

That’s high praise from Carleton’s coach, but as the hype continues to grow surrounding Bridget Carleton and the WNBA Draft, more people will undoubtedly see the talent waiting in Chatham’s Bridget Carleton.

The WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) is a 12 team league spanning across the United States.

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