Big Season For Jessica Jordan

Jessica Jordan basketball

Jessica Jordan takes a free throw for Fanshawe

When most athletes suit up for their first season of college or university sports, a championship is a dream, not a reality.

For Chatham’s Jessica Jordan, she enjoyed a wild ride as a first year player, which included an OCAA championship and a trip to the National championships with her Fanshawe College Falcons.

“Winning the OCAA championship with the team as a rookie was wild,” said Jordan, who studies biotechnology at Fanshawe.. “I’ve never played in a game with such high stakes and the chance to go to Quebec and play in a tournament at the highest level in collegiate basketball in Canada was unforgettable. Going to Nationals I learned not only more about basketball, but I’ve learned from the experience that came with the trip.”

The opportunity to see the country, and meet new people were two of the most unforgettable components of her season with Fanshawe, according to Jordan.

“Playing basketball at Fanshawe was amazing. It gave me so many opportunities to travel and meet new people who are now some of my best friends.”

Not only did Jordan enjoy new experiences, but she also improved her on court play.

“This season I definitely learned that at this level you have to have determination and put in hard work to be successful,” she explained. At times the season was tough and there were lows, but the highs of the seasons were well worth the hard work.”

Jordan played in all 24 games during the Falcons’ regular season, averaging 4.3 points per game, along with 2.8 rebounds, while seeing just over 13-minutes of court time per game.

Now, with a successful season behind her, Jordan is looking forward to an even bigger 2019-2020.

“Next season as a personal goal I want to play a bigger role on the court and give more to my team. As a team I hope that we can do what we did this year again and go to Nationals, hopefully to even medal at Nationals too.”

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