Rumours About The Lakers Are False, According To Team

Many in Wallaceburg were up in arms about the potential move of the Wallaceburg Lakers, but the community’s displeasure hasn’t changed the situation. And, the rumours swirling about offers to purchase, and disputed ownership appear to be false, according to the team.

According to the Lakers, there have been no formal offers made from any group to purchase the team, although some interest was shown.

The team does plan to move forward with hosting a spring camp this month, although it is unknown for players and management alike if this team will be based in Wallaceburg, Tilbury (or another community), or if the team will suspend operations for the 2019-2020 season.

As well, according to the Lakers, rumours about who actually owns the team, don’t have legs to stand on, despite multiple reports the OHA sought further clarification on Wallaceburg’s proof of ownership.

Similar reports were also made by 99.1 CKXS and the Courier Press in recent days.

Throughout this process, the Ontario Hockey Association has provided a “no comment” response to CKSN’s requests for information on five separate occasions.

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