Roundnet Growing In Chatham-Kent

Roundnet Spikeball Chatham

Locals play roundnet in Chatham – Contributed Photo

The game of RoundNet, commonly referred to as Spikeball, is growing rapidly across Chatham-Kent.

Most commonly seen on beaches and back yards in Chatham-Kent, the sport is now gaining organization locally, with Open Spikeball Nights starting at the CK Portuguese Club on Thursdays starting on June 6th, and local athletes signing up for tournaments and competition across Ontario.

“This is a sport that is fun to play on the grass, on the beach, in the water, or in a gym,” says local Spikeball Ambassador Sharon Smith.

“It is very portable and packs into a travel bag quite easily. It is fun for all ages. We are seeing impromptu games started up at family reunions, at BBQ’s, the beach, at lunch times at schools and work places, at colleges and beyond. Some prefer to play casually while others are seeking the excitement of competition. Schools are starting to bring it into their PE programs at both the middle school and high school levels. I have gone into a few schools to help get them going. Either way the sport is contagious and growing.”

Roundnet Ontario has a circuit this year with tournaments in Waterloo (May 25-26), Port Stanley (June 15), Wasaga Beach (July 13-14), Ottawa (August 24-25), and a Grand Slam in Toronto (September 21). There are also the King of the Grass tournament in North Bay on July 27 and King of the Beach tournament in Cambridge on Sept 7th. The Windsor Spikeball Group is also organizing a tournament on May 4 in Sandwich.

“We are eager to see Spikeball growing even more in Chatham-Kent this summer,” added Smith, who said anyone interested in the sport could contact her @ckspikeball on Facebook and Instagram.

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