Build The Complex CK Leader Speaks Out About New Complex

Nathan Trudell wants a new arena complex in Chatham-Kent, and his group, Build The Complex CK doesn’t want to wait.

Trudell held an open house at Countryview Golf Course Tuesday night to speak about the complex, and answer questions, but took the time to speak to CBC Tuesday morning prior to the event.

“The main auditorium, obviously we’d want it to hold at least 4,200 to 5,000 seats. That way if we wanted to have any big events, concerts, family entertainment, anything like that, it could house something of that magnitude,” Trudell told CBC Windsor Morning Radio.

Trudell guestimates that the new complex would cost at least $75,000,000.

“And also there would be a second arena built alongside of it to make up for the ice we would lose with the two losses of our old buildings here in town.”

Trudell was speaking to CBC Windsor’s Tony Duquette. He gave his reasoning for the need for a new sports complex in Chatham-Kent.

“The two arenas that are struggling now are Memorial Arena and Erickson Arena. They both need at a significant upgrade. You’re looking at anywhere between $19-25 million to complete them both.”

“We’re having a problem keeping our youth in town, and bringing new families here. The biggest obstacle is landing new business here,” he continued.

“We feel that getting a new sports and entertainment complex would give that kick in the butt, so to speak, allowing those younger people to stay, and would bring in the new families because there’s more to do here, but those big businesses will now have a more lucrative reason to come here.”

Trudell also stated he wants the new complex built on the old Navistar property.

“Number one, it’s 86-acres, so there’s tons of room for anything we may need,” Trudell said. “We feel that it’s not just about the sports and entertainment complex, we feel that having the extra space, and being able to build around it, and add a lot of entities we don’t have now, like a new hotel, a bunch of new retail and restaurant space, that can all be included in that area.”

When asked if he and the Build The Complex CK group were open to having this built somewhere else, Trudell replied, “Absolutely.”

Trudell’s group will speak to council and present their information May 27.

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