Southern Ontario Motor Speedway Makes Claim Of Fraud Against Build The Complex CK Founder

On Monday evening this week, the Southern Ontario Motor Speedway released the following statement on their Facebook page:

It is with regret we have to make this post. With new ownership at the speedway an individual found opportunity to fraudulently earned himself some extra cash.

This individual posed as an employee of the speedway seeking advertisement sponsorship for the speedway and this is not the case.

It is unknown how many businesses he has approached representing himself as an individual of the speedway seeking advertisement sponsorship.

One of our local drivers caught him in the act of doing such today Monday May 27th 2019.

He immediately contacted owner Henry Kroker and asked if such individual represented the speedway.

The answer to the question is no and Henry immediately contacted the business and explained he was not a representative the track a stop payment was immediately made on the check given.

The police have been notified about the fraudulent Act.

If your business has been approached by Nathan Trudell in regards to advertisement sponsorship of Southern Ontario Motor Speedway you are asked to immediately contact Chatham-Kent police or my self

According to who spoke to Trudell, the founder of the Build the Complex CK group, Trudell claims he did nothing wrong.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t break the law,” said Trudell in the article. “I’m not too focused on the incident with the speedway, I’m more focused on this [arena] complex project and doing what I can to help.”

The article also claims a physical altercation occurred in relation to these accusations.

None of the accusations have been proven in court.

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