Municipality Discusses Purchase of Navistar Property…For Arena?

Navistar arena

The old Navistar property was under discussion in closed session at council Monday

Chatham-Kent council discussed the old Navistar property Tuesday behind closed doors. The property has been heavily linked to plans for a new twin-pad arena and sports complex in Chatham.

The agenda for Monday’s council meeting read, “Proposed disposition and acquisition of land by the municipality and advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose with regard to 508 Richmond Street, Chatham. Section 239(2)(c) & (f), Municipal Act, 2001.”

Earlier this spring, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent unveiled their plans for a new arena complex in Chatham, seeking Provincial and Federal funding to build either a 2,200 or 4,000 seat twin-pad arena, as well as an indoor complex suitable for track and and soccer.

While the Navistar property is under discussion, Municipal officials will not publicly comment on the closed session until information is presented to council.

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    David Leavy 3 years

    I like to see the new arena