Water Health – Keeping Beaches, Pools, and Splash Pads Safe To Stay And Play

Kingston Park Chatham

Water Testing at Kingston Park in Chatham, Ontario – Contributed Photo

In light of National Drowning Prevention Week being held the third week of July, Water Safety has been top of mind for many professionals across the community including Lifeguards, First Responders and Public Health Inspectors (PHIs).

Now, you may be wondering, “What do PHIs have to do with Water Safety?”

We’re glad you asked!

Chatham-Kent Public Health Inspectors are responsible for ensuring the safety of recreational water across CK. This includes Beaches, Public Pools and Splash Pads.


Nothing quite says “summer in CK” quite like a visit to one of our many, beautiful beaches. PHIs conduct monthly sampling at these beaches to test the water for bacteria. These samples are taken approximately 200 meters apart at 5 equally spaced sampling points. The bigger the beach, the more samples may be taken. We take these samples so that visitors to the beach can be sure that the water is safe for swimming.

Here is a list of the beaches we inspect across Chatham-Kent:

  1. Clearville Campround – East Kent
  2. Wildwood Beach – East Kent (closed for 2019 season due to stair safety)
  3. Howard Township Park – East Kent
  4. Bates Beach – South Kent
  5. Erieau Beach at Laverne Kelly Memorial Park – South Kent
  6. Erieau Yacht Club – South Kent
  7. Pier Road Beach – West Kent
  8. Getty’s Beach – West Kent
  9. Mitchell’s Bay – North Kent

*Are you interested in the data collected from our recent beach samples? Check it out! https://www.chatham-kent.ca/health-social-services/public-health/safe-environments/WaterforRecreation

Public Pools

With record highs across Chatham-Kent, people are flocking to public pools in order to beat the heat. We inspect 30 public pools across the municipality of Chatham-Kent and they are tested to ensure that the water chemistry is safe for swimming. We also check to see that the water is clear so that Lifeguards on duty can visibly see all swimmers and prevent any drowning from occurring.

But, a PHIs job doesn’t end there. We also make sure that all public pools have the proper safety equipment when responding to emergency situations. The general deck safety is also observed to make sure there is no physical hazards present. Inspection of the deck is performed to prevent trip and fall accidents.

Splash Pads

Splash Pads are growing in popularity, and Chatham-Kent is home to 12 of them. Each splash pad is also inspected by a PHI to make sure the water is safe for the children, and children at heart, to play in. Water samples are taken to test for bacterial presence. General inspection of the splash pad is also performed to scan for any physical hazards that may pose a risk to those looking to cool off.

*For a full list of pools and splash pads in Chatham-Kent, visit: https://www.chatham-kent.ca/parks-recreation/activities-programs/aquatics-swimming/Pools-SplashPads

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