Young Sharks Get Feet Wet In Alymer

Fifteen Shark swimmers travelled to the Police College in Aylmer to kick-off their 2019-20 swim season recently.

Fourteen individual swimmers had top eight finishes. Swimmers leading the way with four top eight finishes were, Nolan King, Eric Qiu, Brenda Samson, Marco Schoger, Leo Trinh, William Trinh, Alexandra Van Dooren, Caleb Van Dooren, and Malakai Walters.

Swimmers with first place finishes in their events were Malaki Walters (25 butterfly, 25 backstroke. 25 freestyle), Caleb Van Dooren (50 breaststroke), Brenda Samson (50 freestyle), and Madelyn Providence (50 backstroke, 25 breaststroke).

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