‘Tis The Season To Look Out For One Another

Tis the season to look out for one another. With the holidays just around the corner, it is important that we focus on self care, the care of our family and friends, and the care of our community here in Chatham-Kent. There are a number of generous community groups, organizations and individuals that invest a great amount of time and energy in making sure we’re all taken care of throughout the holiday season.

With so much being offered, at so many different times and through so many different locations – it can be difficult to find the program or service that is right for you!

We would like to provide you with a full list of baskets and meals being provided throughout the community.

Please feel free to share this information far and wide, as you just never know who could use a cup of cheer, a hot meal, or a good conversation this season.

Happiest Holidays from your friends at CK Public Health.

Here are a few resources for those in need including Christmas Baskets, Community Dinners, and Food Resources.

CLICK HERE For Information On Christmas Baskets

CLICK HERE For Information On Community Dinners

CLICK HERE For Information On Food Resources and Meals

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