CK Public Health “Walking In A Winter Wonderland” This Season

CK Public Health Nurse, Lisa Tetrault

November kicked off Fall Prevention Month across Canada, and there was no shortage of opportunities to learn more about the topic right here in Chatham-Kent.

CK Public Health Nurse, Lisa Tetrault, lead a variety of workshops and public education sessions ranging in their venue from municipal events, public libraries, seniors centres, as well as the Chatham-Kent YMCA. The sessions, which engaged more than 165 residents over the course of the month, were carried out under the “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” theme which assisted in removing the initial fear of winter walking for older adults and seniors.

“We decided to go with a more positive approach to fall prevention, one that empowers people to get out there and stay active during the colder seasons” explained Tetrault.

Along with providing tips and tricks to make winter walking a less daunting experience, Tetrault also stressed that exercising regularly is one of the best things individuals can do to age successfully.

Though November has come to an end, Tetrault will be tackling the issue of winter walking and fall prevention into the new year with a number of sessions already booked across Chatham-Kent.

“If there is one piece of information people are walking away with” Tetrault said, “it’s that falls are preventable and we really all do have a role to play.”

If you or your organization would like to host a Fall Prevention information session, workshop, or have an event that would benefit from having a Fall Prevention display, contact 519.352.7270 EXT 2453 or by email at

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