Positive Outlook Following Environmental Testing Completed On Potential Arena Site

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has completed the first phase of environmental testing on the former Navistar site for potential redevelopment as the location for a new twin-pad arena complex.

“The risk related to detected chemical exceedances is expected to be manageable,” the testing report reads.

The report was compiled by Ferguson Geoscience.

Their conclusion is that no further cost, or remediation of the Navistar site is needed prior to development.

“No further work is recommended or required to address the report findings at this time,” Ferguson stated.

With this barrier crossed, it appears the rumours regarding the environmental mess and costs of the Navistar site were wrong, and the site is in fact ready for development.

Chatham-Kent seems to now have a viable location for a new twin-pad arena complex.

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    Paul Charbonneau 2 years

    Alright, alright alright. A great answer. Let’s go. Bring in the Bulldozers and get it done!