Chatham Man Watches His Trip To Florida For Spring Training And An NBA Game Vanish

Toronto Blue Jays coronavirus

Kevin Kinch (right) with Toronto Blue Jays player Bo Bichette – Contributed Photo

With the cancellation of nearly every professional sporting event across the globe, tickets, travel itineraries, and plans for sporting experiences vanished overnight for many in Chatham-Kent.

For one Chatham man, those plans included tickets to see the Toronto Blue Jays at spring training in Florida, and NBA tickets for a game in Orlando.

Kevin Kinch, an Investment Associate at JMRD-WATSON Wealth Management, saw his trip plans vanish in 24-hours due to precautions being taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

“This was my first summer with the opportunity to see the Blue Jays in Spring Training,” said Kinch, who moved to Chatham-Kent in 2017 from Toronto.

“I wanted the opportunity to see some of the younger guys play and possibly interact with them by getting autographs and selfies.”

“Also I had tickets to see the Orlando Magic versus the Cleveland Cavaliers, which would have been great as the NBA was gearing towards playoffs. I’m not as letdown about the basketball cancellation but if it was Raptors versus Magic I would have been tremendously upset,” Kinch continued, a self proclaims superfan of the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays.

In his workplace, Kinch has seen the impacts of COVID-19 on the economy, sports world, and much more from the now pandemic.

“Working in wealth management, I have been thinking about the economy and effects of cancelling events have on communities, fans, and those employed by teams and stadiums,” he said.

“Initially I assumed the world and media were overreacting, thought it would blow over. As cancellations to events I had planned to attend were announced I checked into Air Canada refunding my flight, not sure I want to do the layover in Toronto or risk leaving Chatham.”

Kinch had almost $800 tied up in flights alone for his planned Florida trip, with only $104 being offered in a refund to him. His only option? A full credit for his flights and a change of plans.

For now, Kinch, like many, will be making the best of a bad situation. He still plans to travel, just with as much sunshine, basketball, or baseball.

“Although it’s not as hot and sunny I will more than likely use the credits and my already booked vacation time to visit my family in Nova Scotia.”

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