Home Fitness Tip: Single Leg Squats

We’re all at home more than we want to be with the coronavirus spread continuing.

We’re going to feature workout moves you can do at home to stay in shape, and continue your fitness regiment, whether you have equipment or not.

Today we’re looking at two versions of the single leg squat. Think about it, as an athlete, you spent very little time on both feet at once, so isolating and strengthening your legs independently is important.

Version 1 – Squat to a chair

Start sitting on a chair as pictured. Raise your hips from the chair using only one leg, while attempting to keep the other leg straight, and off the floor. Finish by standing all the way up, keeping your other leg straight and up. Pause when standing, sit back down, and repeat.

Version 2 – One leg split squat

Stand one large step away from the chair, facing away. Put one foot up on the chair, leaving the other firmly on the floor. Squat down keeping your back straight, and making sure your front knee does not go beyond your toe. Once you’re down, pause, stand up straight again, and repeat.

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