Trump’s Europe Ban Leaves Fox and Hound Stranded In Europe

Thamesville’s Dane Fox is trying to get home with his dog following the cancellation of the remainder of Metal Ligaen competition this year in Denmark, but travel bans have him stranded.

Unfortunately, due to the USA’s ban of all flights from Europe, and Canada’s ban of snubbed nose dog breeds flying into Canada, Fox, and his dog Gunner are now stranded in Europe.

Fox typically flew through the USA to then drive his dog home to Chatham-Kent due to Canada’s restrictions on dog breeds. With flights no longer travelling from Europe to the USA however, Fox is left with the decision to either get home, or leave his beloved dog Gunner behind.

Fox, along with Blenheim’s Kyle Hope were playing for the Frederickshavn White Hawks in Denmark this season. He had 23 goals and 58 points in 47 games this season.

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