Madison Lalonde: The Ram That Kept On Digging

Madison Lalonde

Madison Lalonde with the Ryerson Rams – Photo by Christian Bender/Ryerson Athletics

By Veronica McFadden

It has been a rough year on the scoresheet for Madison Lalonde. In her 3rd with the Ryerson Rams Lalonde put up her lowest points, only 10 points. Although she didn’t contribute as often on the score sheet as she would have liked, Lalonde was one of Ryerson’s most determined players this season. She was the first to get in on the forecheck and her work effort along was the boards was the reason why Ryerson was able to get keep up the offensive pressure. Here are Madison’s top 5 moments of the 2019-2020 


Number 5: The Perfect Butterfly

Madison Lalonde must have picked up the great butterfly style from former Ryerson Rams’ goalie, Sydney Authier. Lalonde is trusted to be thrown out on the PK and for this reason. She throws herself in front of the puck so often that there are games when she probably has blocked more shots than she has on net. 

Number 4: Royal Road beauty

A quick pass up by her teammate, Lalonde is sprung into action and she takes the Royal Road straight to the go-ahead goal. All 3 of Lalonde’s goals this year have been incredibly well played shots. Her accuracy when given the chance is dangerous. 

Number 3: Pressure, pressure, pressure

Working in the corner and along the boards is where Lalonde has shined this year. She fought hard in every battle to take possession of the puck and keep the offensive pressure on. With her tenacity on the puck and the mindset of its mine, Lalonde is not only physical hard to get off the puck but if you do manage to push her off, she is quickly hunting it back down. Lalonde is the reason why the Rams were able to 

Number 2: Nicholson to Lalonde equals goal!!!!!!!!! 

Lauren Nicholson and Madison Lalonde bringing the OUA back to their Chatham Outlaw days. A perfect pass from Nicholson on the 2-on-1 as Lalonde buries it. Lalonde see the hole as the goalie has to make the cross-crease save and can’t catch up to Lalonde’s quick release. 

Number 1:  Mama’s going to need a new cookie jar! 

Madison Lalonde chases down a pass that was almost intercepted, and she breaks mama’s cookie jar on the top shelf. This goal shows off all Lalonde’s skill in 30 seconds. Her focus to get on her horse and be the first to the puck, her speed to distance herself from the defender, and to cap it off her wicked shot. This is Lalonde’s best goal this season and all 3 of her goals were excellent. But this one is a highlight reel goal. 

See below for the best Madison Lalonde’s 2019-2020 regular season. All videos are courtesy of

Madison Lalonde Highlight Reel:

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