“Probably Not This Summer” Colby Says Of Youth Sports, “Hopeful” For Hockey This Winter

Chatham FC soccer

Soccer and other summer sports unlikely to start – Photo by Sophie Marvell/ CKSN.ca

While some restrictions are set to be lifted across Canada and Ontario in the coming days, it appears youth sports will be one of the last to return to normalcy according to Dr. David Colby, Chatham-Kent’s Medical Officer of Health.

“The estimates are so rough that I am not sure there is any point in guessing,” Colby said of when youth sports might return.

While he didn’t have a definitive answer, sports such as baseball, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, and football, which usually run through the summer months are unlikely to occur.

“Summer field sports require a lot of planning…probably not this summer,” said Colby.

With summer sports likely off the table, Dr. Colby is hopeful winter sports, such as ringette, and hockey can return, although nothing is certain.

“I am hopeful that kids can play hockey this winter,” he added.

“It all depends on getting this pandemic damped down and avoiding future waves. A vaccine cannot come fast enough.”

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