Lessons Learned From Sport Are Now Benefitting Adam Kaminski In Business

Adam Kaminski retires

Adam Kaminski (centre) playing professional volleyball in Europe – Photo by Fiolek art pl

Adam Kaminski has been retired from professional volleyball for more than 5 years now, but that doesn’t mean the game is far from mind. In fact, he’s used many of the lessons learned in sport to springboard a successful career in business.

“After the initial shock of retiring and adjusting to life outside of volleyball, I started working with a commercial roofing company in Winnipeg as a project coordinator,” Kaminski said of life after volleyball “I’ve since worked up to be the director of operations and work directly with the president for business planning. We have 16 office staff and up to 100 field staff at maximum capacity.”

Kaminski played professional volleyball for 9 seasons, including in Poland, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic following a standout career at the University of Alberta. He also represented Canada’s National team on multiple occasions.

An athlete known for bettering himself on the court, Kaminski has also made some significant improvements to his business and personal life in recent months.

“A couple years back I also applied for, and was accepted into, the Asper MBA program at the University of Manitoba, which I will be completing this December. The last 2 years have been very busy working full time while going to school on evenings and weekends. Back in September 2019, after my induction into the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame, I proposed to my then girlfriend at Point Pelee National Park. We are set to get married this December, but are hoping the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic will pass in time to allow for it.”

Inducted into the Athlete-Modern category in 2019 by the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame, Kaminski, who holds 2 gold and 3 bronze medals from the CIS (USports) championships, believes that sports, and business have many parallels.

“I’ve realized that there are a lot of parallels between sport and business, in which I have revolved many of the papers I’ve written around,” said the six-foot-nine businessman.

“Concepts of team building, communication, systems, and rewards are just a few items that are common in both structures, but what I miss most about playing at the international level is the uniform alignment for a common goal. Businesses tend to work towards similar goals, but it is difficult for all members to get on the same page, as there are many factors that get in the way. Volleyball with Team Canada, however, was so much different in the fact that everyone made the ultimate sacrifice in committing fully to the success of the team. The aspects of team building were amplified and bonds were that much stronger within the team and individuals, and that camaraderie is something I envy.”

While he coached a high school team in his now hometown of Winnipeg immediately after retirement, Kaminski is now focusing on other endeavours in his life.

“As my new professional life began, however, I had to focus more time on work and school. I do intend on giving back to the community again as my schooling comes to an end this year. I still follow Team Canada competitions, university championships and support any past teams/teammates in their successes.”

Despite the fact the UCC graduate is now living half a country away, Chatham-Kent is never far from his mind, as much of his family still resides in the community.

“Whenever I think of Chatham, I always think of family. I definitely miss my parents and brother who still live there, and it’s much more accessible to visit nowadays without a full travel schedule from volleyball. It’s where I grew up and a place that made me who I am today. There are many people, family or otherwise, that mentored me, challenged me and helped me grow. I still find it amazing that such a small town can foster such great athletes.”

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