Local Flag Football Group Launches Petition To Keep Their League At Chatham’s Lark Park

Youth participating with the Chatham-Kent Flag Football League

A popular local sports group, the Chatham-Kent Flag Football League has started an online petition to gain the attention of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent regarding the maintenance of Lark Park, and the cost the group claims the Municipality is looking to impose on them for this maintenance.

Organizer Jason Reynolds says he has been cutting the grass and maintaining the property himself for years, but that the group may need to move because of the costs the Municipality is looking for to better maintain the space.

“For the past 5 years week in and week out I have maintained the field at Lark Park to try and give the kids in the city a nice spot to play football…. Over the past year I have been in a constant battle with the city over using that field because there are some higher ups that don’t like that I use this space and even have gone further to say that I shouldn’t be maintaining it either. I always just wanted to do good in this city and to me this has always been a way to give back and try and do something positive,” Reynolds statement on his Change.org petition reads.

The Chatham-Kent Kids Flag Football League is currently accepting registrations for boys and girls ages 5 to 17, with the league looking to begin play September 20 in Chatham.

To read more of Reynold’s comments regarding the situation, visit his Petition page by CLICKING HERE.

At the time of publication, 395 people had signed Reynolds’ petition.

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