Renae Nevills: The Perfect Blueliner

By Veronica McFadden

Renae Nevills is the blueliner that any team would be jealous to have. Throughout the season the ex-Chatham Outlaw showed why she was given the C for her leadership skills. In her 22 games she put up 7 points, only one point behind her defensive partner Sarah Irwin. Let us look back on Nevills’ top 5 plays of the 2019-2020 season with the Western Mustang. 

Number 5: Pocketpicker

Head coach Candice Moxley knows that she has one of the best defenders on her blueline. Nevills work hard on every shift and is always relied on in big moments. She will chase any player that is lucky enough to get passed her and knows how to use her speed and grit to her advantage against her opponents. Cassidy Maplethorpe from the Brock Badgers gets on the outside lane but Nevills gets one her horse and chases her down. Nevills cleanly lifts her stick and throws it into safety.  

Number 4: Snipe From the Point

Renae Nevills’ shot is one that always finds its’ way through traffic. Her shot is so well positioned that her teammate Hannah Irwin, who was able to get her stick on it. Renae had 6 assists this season and this is the reason why. She opens the ice for her teammates and when they are close Nevills will put the puck into the newly opened to create dangerous scoring plays. Nevills sees that Irwin is cutting across the crease and she places a perfect shot mid-stick level for Irwin to deflect pass the Waterloo goaltender.

Number 3: A Good Penalty

The smartest defenders are the ones that know when to take the good penalties. Nevills must hurry across the ice to cover her partner and she is able to stop the attacker from getting a great chance on her goalie. This is what every defenders’ job is, to make sure that the opposition does not get an easy chance on their goalie. Renea Nevills does this every shift and this why Moxley uses her in every situation because she knows that she is getting one of the hardest players out there. 

Number 2: OT Assist

As mentioned before Nevills’ 6 assist comes from opening the ice for her teammates. She keeps to the top of the O-Zone as the defenders are re-positioning their triangle. Nevills pulls wide and the 2 defenders are left at the top and she finds Rachel Armstrong left all alone for the game-winning goal. 

Number 1: Defense Turned to Offense

Renae Nevills has speed and an amazing shot that goalies don’t usually get to see in close. When Western breaks out of the zone Nevills sees a lane quickly open and she jumps right up into the play. As the York backchecker knocks the puck towards Nevills she has enough to look up and unload her powerful wrister past the York goalie. 

Renae Nevills’ 2019-2020 highlight reel:

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