Blain Ready For Next Hurdle At NCAA’s Quinnipiac

Camille Blain
Camille Blain – Contributed Photo

Camille Blain will be approaching, and leaping over the next hurdle in her athletic career as she prepares to run for Quinnipiac, the NCAA Division I program she’s committed to for this Fall.

One of Ontario’s most accomplished hurdlers, and a versatile runner who can also compete in the 200m and 400m, as well as relay events, Blain chose Quinnipiac, located in Hamden, Connecticut, not only for the track and field program, but also the academic success of the school.

“I chose Quinnipiac for many reasons, one being that they have a great track and field program, also the School of Business  has an accreditation called the AACSB that only 5% of schools worldwide have,” Blain explained.

“As well, the campus is located in more of a rural area next to a mountain and it’s very beautiful.”

Blain’s primary events are the 100m and 400m hurdles, which she has also competed in with the Windsor Legion Track and Field Team.

This summer, although she was unable to compete due to COVID-19, Blain has been training hard to prepare herself for the NCAA season.

“I did an eight week lift program with Athletes Fuel,” said Blain. “Then at the start of July my Quinnipiac coach sent me running and lift workouts so I’ve been going to the track five times a week to run and I lift four times a week in my garage.”

Although she is excited for the next step of her journey, Blain, who loves her hometown, is also anxious for the change.

“I’m feeling very excited and anxious to start this part of my life, I can’t wait to be with my team and practice and compete together,” she said.

“I’m glad I was able to grow up in a smaller town but I’m excited to move out East and experience new things.”

With that, Blain, who was an accomplished multi-sport athlete all through her youth in Chatham-Kent, also has athletic goals she’d like to achieve while at Quinnipiac.

“A team goal is to be the MAAC Champions. My individual goals is to become faster and stronger. Also to improve hurdle form, and be able to contribute to my team.”

Goal driven on the track, Camille Blain doesn’t intend to lose sight of her academic priorities either, as she embarks on a Accelerated Dual Degree in Business, majoring in Accounting. 

“I’m looking forward to making connections with new people and building a network career wise.”

“The women’s track and field program at Quinnipiac is ranked 13th in the country for overall GPA so I’m looking forward to contributing and being a part of that program.”

With Blain’s academic and athletic abilities soon to be on full display, Quinnipiac will soon be equally excited to welcome one of Chatham-Kent’s top talents.

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