Chatham-Kent’s Kirsten Horney, Making CK Proud

Kirsten Horney

Chatham-Kent sends athletes across Ontario, Canada, and the globe each year to compete athletically.

Sponsored by baCK to Chatham-Kent, we’ll be featuring local athletes who have left Chatham-Kent, and are proudly representing our community. We hope many of these athletic ambassadors for our community someday come baCK to call Chatham-Kent home.

This week, we feature Chatham’s Kirsten Horney, who recently completed her first season of ACHA hockey playing for the Adrian College Bulldogs.

Here are Kirsten’s responses to our baCK to Chatham-Kent athletes interview:

1. Can you describe what support you’ve felt from your hometown/ Chatham-Kent while you’ve been away?

I’ve been lucky enough to have the best support from family, friends and coaches! My family has always been my number one fans pushing me to achieve my dreams and be the best I can be. I’m thankful for the coaches I’ve had while I played in Chatham and Windsor, they all believed in me and wanted the best!

2. What do you enjoy about coming home to visit?

When I come home to visit I I enjoy catching up with old friends, spending time with my family, and being able to work at Canadian Tire in Blenheim.

3. What are your plans for after your post secondary education?

I hope to get in with a pro sports team through an internship and start from there!

4. What advice would you give to young athletes baCK home in Chatham-Kent?

Reach for the stars, and dream big! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Take chances and risks, life is all about learning. Also if you have the chance to move away from home for a bit do it. It’s great to be able to experience something new! Work hard and you never know what will happen.

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