MacKinnon Puts A Positive Swing On A Strange Summer

Brooke MacKinnon
Brooke MacKinnon playing on the Jamieson Tour – Photo by Glenn Gervais

When you ask most people about the summer of 2020, positive words aren’t likely to fill the air.

That is, unless you ask Brooke MacKinnon, who has kept herself busy doing the thing she loves – playing golf. She’s managed to put a positive swing, on what has otherwise been a strange summer.

“This summer has been amazing,” said MacKinnon. “I’ve played almost every day with the other juniors at Maple City and I’ve really enjoyed it. They push me to do better everyday and I can definitely see some improvements in my game.”

Not only is MacKinnon keeping busy on the Maple City Golf & Country Club course, she’s also working at the prestigious local golf course.

“I started working as a waitress this summer and I love it. I always have fun with my coworkers and the members are amazing.”

The University of Hartford Hawks golfer is competing on the Jamieson Golf Tour this summer after some of the tournaments she planned to compete in were cancelled.

“I have decided that I wanted to use this summer to practice since I can’t play in all the tournaments I would like to. I am planning to focus on my studies at Hartford because I am hoping to go to medical school in 2021. I hope to practice a lot as well when I’m there. Our team next year will be pretty strong so hopefully we will have a chance to do well in our tournament.”

Although she’s going back to academics, there is still much uncertainty ahead.

“I heard that we’re going back to school but haven’t heard anything about athletics. I’m not too concerned because my school has a lot of protocols in place. I’ve loved every minute at Hartford. My team and coaches are amazing and we have so much fun at tournaments. I can’t wait to go back in the Fall.”

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