Glen Jackson Memorial Raceday Rolls Through Wallaceburg

On September 12 another successful Glen Jackson Memorial Raceday was held at the Grandbend Motorplex.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, this year had to be a private event and the number of cars and spectators that could attend was limited.

However, even COVID-19 couldn’t stop the Jackson Racing family and friends from raising money for charity.

This year the Jackson Family raised $3700 at the track and the very generous Courteaux family added an extra $1300 to make it an even $5000. The money was given this year to Camp Vincent, a camp owned and operated by  St. Vincent De Paul. Thanks to the drivers and fans a bunch of lucky kids will be attending camp next year.

This year winners were George Vigh for fastest street car, Matt Marchand for fastest street car driven to the track, Tom Craig fastest reaction time, Eric Savoie for the Bracket Race. None of this would be possible without the great work from our volunteers this year Lee Salisbury, Heather Salisbury, Brandy Chauvin, Melissa Charlebois, Chantal Lalonde, Mary Yacks, Russell Yacks Sr, Branden Vansnick, Danielle Bird – Evans and Franco Gabriele.

Also we had some great donations come in this year from our sponsors Riverview GM, Comic Oasis, Main Phase, Bills International, MTR Excavating, The Watered Edge, Knights of Pythias, Progressive Ford, Patterson Motors, Life Expressions, O’Leary Bro’s Racing, Wallaceburg Eye Care Centre, Napa, Murray Street Auto, the Blake Family, The Lankhof Family, The Lethbridge Family and  The Courteaux Family.

On Friday, the event and a cheque ceremony was held in Wallaceburg.

Glen Jackson Memorial Raceday was organized to pay tribute to a man that loved and lived the sport of drag racing. Without the support of all who have attended this event over the past years this wouldn’t be the success it is. So many great memories are made not just on the day of the races, but the days leading up to and all the countless hours spent preparing vehicles for this day of unforgettable memories.

This event has continued to give car, truck, and bike enthusiasts something to keep that spark alive and even created new enthusiasts which is very important as it seems to be something that was fading.  

The Glen Jackson Memorial Raceday has raised and given back over $40,000 to the community since it started in 2014.

There is no doubt that the Jackson boys are making their dad proud with this awesome Raceday event, but if you could ask Glen himself, “YES SIR” would be his answer.

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