Ricky Postma, A Chatham-Kent Athlete Who Came baCK

Ricky Postma in front of Postma Fitness Centre

Chatham-Kent sends athletes across Ontario, Canada, and the globe each year to compete athletically. Sponsored by baCK to Chatham-Kent, we’ll be featuring local athletes who have left Chatham-Kent, and are now baCK, living, working, and staying connected to our own vibrant sports community in CK.

This week, we feature Guilds’ Ricky Postma.

A former OUA football player at the University of Windsor, Postma now lives and works in Chatham-Kent, operating Postma Fitness Centre in Blenheim.

Here are Ricky’s responses to our baCK to Chatham-Kent athletes interview:

1. Where did you grow up?

Guilds just outside of Blenheim, Ontario.

2. What is your favourite Chatham-Kent pastime?

Biking, swimming, running and paddle boarding in Rondeau.

3. What did you do after high school?

I spent three years at the University of Windsor playing football. This
gave me an opportunity to tryout for the Toronto Argonauts,
unfortunately my career was ended by concussions. After graduating in
2008 with a degree in sociology, I attended grad school at Niagara
College where I graduated with a degree in Ecosystem Restoration.

4. What are you doing now?

In 2012 I stepped down from my Fitness Manager role at a Goodlife
Fitness in Antigonish, Nova Scotia to pursue a dream of mine. The dream
was to open my own business in my hometown, the Postma Fitness Centre.
I started with a few fitness classes at a Blenheim Church and have
recently expanded to a newly renovated 5000 square foot facility on
Blenheim’s main street, where we won the award for the best fitness
centre in Chatham-Kent! We offer open gym training, personal training
and a unique class training program. I love what I do!

5. What has made you happiest, or been the best surprise about moving baCK to Chatham-Kent?

The best part of moving back home is being able to see friends and
family. I enjoy the small town living atmosphere in Blenheim.

6. What would you tell someone who is considering living in Chatham-Kent?

Chatham-Kent has many conveniences that larger cities have but with a
small town feel.

7. Why did you choose to move baCK to Chatham-Kent?

I chose to move back home to be able to spend time with friends and
family and begin a dream of mine in my hometown.

8. Describe your current sports involvement?

I currently participate in triathlons and play any sport any chance that
I get.

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