Show Your Dance Moves For The Gift

Have you seen all the people who are sharing The Gift by dancing together?

There are already videos making their way around Facebook set to the song “Put A Little Love in Your Heart”.

Miss Brianna from Ascension Dance has created choreography that all of Chatham-Kent can learn and share so we can all dance together.

What a great celebration of The Gift that we are all giving the community this year. We want you to join in, and share with all your friends and family. 

Here’s where to learn the dance: 

The dance moves are made for people of all ages and abilities. If you don’t have a lot of dance experience, start with the simple arm moves and repeat that a few times. If that’s what you are comfortable with, then record your most confident self with big arm moves. If you want more, the sky is the limit! Learn and practice the whole dance. Build on your favourite moves and make it bigger. Send the link to friends, and then dance in groups help to build confidence and have fun as you learn and record. 

Send in your video to as soon as you can, and we’ll make sure it gets shared on The Gift CK facebook page and other social media channels. We are going to compile a huge video of everyone who submits a video up to and including November 21st and release it so you can see yourself moving and celebrating with all of Chatham-Kent. is one of the easiest ways to send a video file through email, and it’s free. 

If you want to freestyle or do a goofy move, video that and send it. We will mix it all into the video. No pressure, just an encouragement to have fun! This is a joyful celebration of your hard work! If you are using a phone to shoot video, please record the horizontal (landscape) way so that all the videos are the same size and shape. It will make editing way easier! 

In just 24 hours, folks at a coffee shop, at a long-term care facility and the local Jeep Club have all shared the gift of dance. The Gift organizer Brent Wilken himself might have been caught on camera moving to the music! Counsellor Amy Finn is going to stop by the studio next week and we get to watch as she learns to dance. 

Who is up next?

Show all of Chatham-Kent your moves for The Gift!

The Gift Dance from Ascension Dance on Vimeo.

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