CK’s Top 10 Sports Stories of 2020: #9 Equity Takes The Stage

Black Lives Matter Chatham
Organizers of the Chatham-Kent Supports Black Lives Matter event

2020 was a year filled with so many major events taking place across the globe, not only a pandemic, but also issues related to race and gender.

Black Lives Matter was at the forefront of every conversation in 2020, including in professional sports, and in Chatham-Kent.

Local athletes were key organizers of Chatham’s Black Lives Matter rally and march.

We also heard individual voices from local athletes including Jessica Jordan and Jaden Wilson, and coach and activist Frankie Parker.

In the month of June, CKSN featured dozens of Indigenous athletes. We talked about reconciliation, issues of equity, and celebrated the many incredible Indigenous athletes who compete in Chatham-Kent.

Also, CKSN pledged at the beginning of 2020 to cover men’s and women’s sports equally, which we accomplished.

With the world filled with turbulence, 2020 opened the eyes of many to injustices in society, and sport.

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