Game Action Is Back For Chatham Product Ryan Burke, And It Feels Good

The puck has dropped for Ryan Burke.

Burke, a Chatham hockey product, signed this season with the CCHL’s Navan Grads after being named a GOJHL Rookie All-Star last season with the St. Mary’s Lincolns.

“It feels really good to be back into games, especially since I haven’t been playing any games since the pandemic first hit,” says Burke of opening, what the CCHL is calling their Developmental Scrimmage Action, with Navan.

“I enjoy the games because it brings the competition back where in practice there is not as much competition.”

Even though the former OHL draft pick of the Sudbury Wolves is back on the ice in game action, games aren’t what they used to be, as body contact has been removed from Junior hockey in all leagues across Ontario.

“With the altered rules it has been different, especially defensively. They have took body contact out for now, and if there is a battle on the boards they blow the whistle right away. I enjoy playing the normal rules with hitting, but if not hitting is the only way we play games, I enjoy it.”

That message has been clear across the Province, playing, in any format, is better than not playing.

With the altered rules, Burke is still learning the ins and outs of the skill level in the CCHL compared to last season in the GOJHL.

“It’s really hard to describe the difference because of the rules, but it’s a really high skilled passionate league here in the CCHL. It’s still early especially with no regular season games played, but I love how much the whole organization cares including the players, it shows that they want to win and be successful.”

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