Running Out Of Runway For A Hockey Season

It’s obvious, we’re quickly running out of runway for a hockey season.

Locally, the PJHL and GOJHL would be into playoffs by now in a typical year.

The same goes on the women’s side, with the PWHL and ‘AA’ loops.

Couple that with the fact we’re only a month away from when Municipalities would regularly begin removing ice from arenas, and the hope for any form of season for teams is looking slim.

Even at the OHL level, time is ticking. Rumours of a four city hub format to complete an abbreviated 24-game season have swirled.

While some argue of the importance of holding seasons for scouting and recruiting purposes, the health implications are also present during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Without a season, it will be difficult for leagues like the OHL to hold a draft with any true understanding of prospects. That is particularly true for smaller market franchises who do less pre-scouting of bantam age groups.

The NHL undoubtedly will want Junior leagues such as the OHL and WHL to host their seasons for their own scouting purposes.

Similarly as you look at the OJHL, PWHL, and GOJHL. Players are not able to showcase themselves to NCAA, ACHA, and CIS teams.

With players competing at almost every level in the United States and Europe, many feel the impact on Canadian players will be felt for years to come.

Regardless of which side of this debate you sit on, one thing is for sure, teams and leagues are quickly running out of runway for a season to take place.

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