Tyler Roeszler Resigns From The Chatham Maroons

Only weeks after stepping back from his head coaching duties, Chatham Maroons general manager Tyler Roezler has resigned from his role with the team.

“I have decided to step away from my role with our team. I have a different calling now and I look forward to embracing that. Hockey has been great to us, but I certainly look forward to spending more time with family,” Roeszler said.

“I feel so fortunate to have been able to coach in our great city of Chatham and to have been apart of the group that brought belief and joy back to people watching our team compete after the COVID layoff.?

Thank you to everyone who supported our team over the years- you are truly what makes playing and coaching in Chatham so great. Especially last season, our championship team was incredible to be apart of. It was a great group and I know we will always have a special bond.

From his initial hiring in 2019, Roeszler built and led the Maroons to their first Western Conference championship in almost two decades.

Richard Santos was named the team’s new head coach. No new general manager has been appointed, yet.

Prior to being hired as general manager, and then head coach, Roeszler served as an assistant coach for the Chatham Maroons from 2014-2016 and is a former Maroons player himself prior to an NCAA career.

While Roeszler is stepping back, he doesn’t see himself stepping away from helping players.

“I will continue to help support players and can always provide help with furthering their careers, with respect to reaching out to Canadian University and US NCAA teams to assist in players reaching their goals,” he said. “To play a role in changing the future course of a players life, by helping them improve and providing them with an opportunity to achieve their ultimate dream makes it all worth it.”

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