Wallaceburg Wins Kraft Celebration Tour Bid

Wallaceburg Kraft Celebration Tour

Screenshot from TSN.ca Announcing Wallaceburg's Win

In what TSN described as a nailbiter pouring in more than 1 million votes, Wallaceburg defeated Trenton to capture a spot on the Kraft Celebration Tour. Wallaceburg will receive $25,000 for a community improvement and will welcome a live TSN broadcast August 20th at 6pm.

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard our name called,” said Wallaceburg Minor Lacrosse Vice President Mike Perysn. “It was such as amazing moment.”

Wallaceburg will welcome Darren Dutchyshen and Kate Beirness, TSN anchors, for the live broadcast August 20. Details of the event will be forthcoming following the conclusion of the remainder of Kraft’s 10 day voting event choosing the destinations for their 10 in 10 cross country tour.

The proposed community upgrade aims to renovate a former tennis court behind Wallaceburg District Secondary School into a new multi-purpose sporting facility, with a focus on it being used by Wallaceburg Lacrosse as an outdoor practice facility.

“I want to thank everyone who voted,” said WMLA president Todd Shepley. “We pulled together, some people voting, 20 hours or more, and this is the best outcome imaginable for our organization and for Wallaceburg.”

An impromptu celebration took place at the Oaks Inn in Wallaceburg following the announcement where dozens of media, Wallaceburg Lacrosse, Chatham-Kent residents, and others gathered to celebrate the town achievement.

There were stories and reports of families keeping kids home from school in Europe to vote for Wallaceburg, family members in Australia, Alaska, California, and British Columbia voting through the night while others slept. Wallaceburg planners will be spreading the word in the coming weeks for details surrounding the August 20th celebrations in Wallaceburg.

  1. This “win” is so much more than getting the $25,000. The passion and heart that was invested in this 24-hour contest thrills my soul to be a resident of this great town! I also believe this result typifies the forward progress this community is experiencing. Congratulations, Wallaceburg!

  2. Brian, you hit the nail on the proverbial head! Wallaceburg as a town got together behind this project and poured everything into it! I have been watching Wallaceburg grow in pride, and this is just another example of the future for our town!

  3. First of all I am very proud of my community but we don’t need a lacrosse court what we need is a splash pad for the kids, the only outdoor pool we had closed years ago, so on those real hot days when I am out with my daughter we like to stop by the town fountain to cool off so do many other families since this is the only place we can do it but every other time we are there we get kicked out , I bet if we left it to a vote, the splash pad would win by a landslide

    • Hi James, I appreciate your wishes for our community. At the same time, we need to celebrate what our community achieved, as you said, and it’s important to understand that this facility will not only be used for lacrosse, but will be available for all community use and will be multi-purposed.

      That’s not to say it will solve the dilemma of a splash pad. On that note however, I recommend visiting this link http://www.cksn.ca/wallaceburg-community-park-project/ or clicking the “Wallaceburg Community Park Project Survey” image on the sidebar. There are other groups working in Wallaceburg that would love to hear your opinion for what is needed in the community, and a splash pad has been something discussed by that panel. Thanks for your comment.

      • well don’t we have a brand new tennis court that can suite the same purpose

        • Why is it that theres always someone complaing about something positive for our community. If your that concerened about a splash pad, start raising money!!! This was done for minor lacrosse it has nuthign to do with wallaceburg or chatham kent.

          • This is a dangerous statement to make. If its got nothing to do with Wallaceburg or Chatham-Kent then lacrosse will be footing the entire bill correct without help from local fund raising, service clubs, or Chatham-Kent support? Last time I checked Wallaceburg was the winning town. didn’t look like two teams facin off or two organizations.

        • Actaully we already asked Chatham Kent Parks & Recreation and we are not allowed to use the new tennis courts at Steinoff Park for Lacrosse, which reinforces the need for a facility for our children to play Lacrosse and other sports.

  4. James, As I understand it minor lacrose was told that the new courts weren’t suitable or designed for a lacrosse ball or lacrosse surfaces. Not sure if you’ve ever played on those courts but they do move alot when you run near the edges and if you fall on them, the grips can really tear your skin badly. Probably not the best for a contact sport like lacrosse even for practices.

    Fact of the matter is, the money wasn’t won for a splash pad, and no one is going to give us a splash pad since we have a public pool. Lets celebrate and support the fact we got money to make this update and deal with the rest later. Its not a spot to rain on the parade of one group just because there are still things that need to be fixed elsewhere

    • Yes I have played on the courts every weekend playing tennis and you are right it does move around like crazy but that’s not why I am writing here again, At the fireworks there was a group shot taken off all the kids, where is the picture/video my daughter and I are in it would mind having it but can’t find it anywhere any ideas???

      • Dave you can find that picture at http://www.wallaceburglacrosse.com and on the wallaceburg lacrosse facebook page.
        The photo is property of Michele Villeneuve and he asked that we do not use it for profit and that we give him credit for the shot wherever it is used.
        Thank you for your continuous community support Dave hopefully the Outdoor Lacrosse floor is just the beginning of the community upgrades here in Wallaceburg


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