Tilbury Vikings Swim to Second at Beach Grove

Tilbury Vikings Swim Team

A Tilbury Vikings swimmer (middle) starts their race in Beach Grove - Submitted Photo

The Tilbury Vikings swim team had a successful meet this Wednesday finishing second overall at Beach Grove Golf and Country Club in St. Clair Beach. As highlights of the event, the Tilbury Vikings Boys team finished first overall, while girls team finished second overall in the meet.

Earlier this summer, the Tilbury Vikings captured first overall at the Dresden Swim Meet, and again grabbed first at their home meet the following day. Top swimmers from these meets included Leah Jubenville, Evan Jubenville, Naomi Treloar, Brianne Meunier, and Jessica Cook who each secured multiple first place finishes over the two meets.

The Vikings are a summer youth swim team located in Tilbury, who also draw competitors from Wheatley, Comber, and area. The Tilbury Vikings will travel to Rodney this Sunday to compete in the Rodney Swim Meet.

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