Chatham Skates To Medals in Michigan

Skaters from the Chatham Skating Club travelled across the pond to Ann Arbor, Michigan to compete at their Springtime Invitational Competition, this past weekend, May 16-19.

In Novice Ladies, Ashley Glassco and Olivia Stallaert both competed in separate Short Program flights. Glassco placed 5th and Stallaert placed 8th in their respective flights. While during the Long Freeskate, Stallaert received the 4th place Pewter Medal and Glassco placed 8th. From the Freeskate program, the top 6 skaters advanced to a final of the 2 competing flights. Stallaert advanced to the finals where she placed 11th.

In Preliminary Ladies FreeSkate, Elyse Gregory landed on the podium with a Silver Medal. While during the same in the Men’s flight, Zachary Stallaert also received the Silver Medal.

During the Preliminary Limited FreeSkate flights, Gabrielle Doey took home the Silver Medal as did Joshua Andari in the Men’s flight of the same level.

While at the Preliminary TestTrack FreeSkate event, Sydney Hart also skated away with the Silver Medal.

Daisy Lacina and Claudia Jeromel both competed in their own respective flights at the Pre-Preliminary TestTrack FreeSkate level. Lacina skated away with the 4th place Pewter Medal and Jeromel landed safely in 6th place in their flights.

During the non freeskate events, three skaters took to the ice.

In Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves, Elyse Gregory was 4th place and Gabrielle Doey was 6th place in their respective flights. While at the Preliminary Compulsory Moves, Joshua Andari placed 5th.

At the Pre-Juvenile Spins event, Elyse Gregory spinned her way to the 4th place Pewter Medal. While Joshua Andari placed with a Silver Medal at the Preliminary Spins event.

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    Good job guys! You guys are awesome! Do not dwell on not being on the top. There is always a purpose to everything that’s happened. If you were not able to get to the top, there is always a room for improvement. So as you go and compete the next time, you can make it to the top.