New Senior B Lacrosse Name: Wallaceburg Thrashers

Clint Lamarsh - Wallaceburg Senior B Lacrosse

Wallaceburg’s Clint Lamarsh playing with the Sarnia Beavers Senior B Lacrosse team, which relocated to Wallaceburg and is now called the Wallaceburg Thrashers – Photo by Jocelyn McLaughlin

After much debate and backlash following Wallaceburg Lacrosse initially naming their new Senior B Lacrosse franchise the Wallaceburg Satans, the organization reached out to the community looking for input, and selected the Wallaceburg Thrashers as the teams new name.

“After much consideration, the executive for the Wallaceburg Sr.B Lacrosse team has decided that, moving forward, we will be known as the Wallaceburg Thrashers,” wrote new Wallaceburg Thrashers president Steve Lilley.

“There are many reasons why the name suits the franchise and why we believe the meaning of “Thrasher” represents our community well. Thrasher is an archaic spelling for a thresher – which is a person or tool that separates grain from plants by beating. In addition, the word thrash itself represents perfectly the spirit, style, and attitude of lacrosse,” he continued on the organization’s website.

After many community members were upset by the Satans moniker, Lilley and the organization hopes “Thrashers” will suit the community of Wallaceburg, which is heavily ingrained in farming, as well as the reputation of Wallaceburg’s lacrosse organization.

“The term “thrash” can be defined as defeating heavily in a contest or match, to hit hard and repeatedly, move with brute determination or violent movements, or to beat repeatedly and violently with a stick. We look forward to representing Wallaceburg and the surrounding communities with this new team name in the inaugural season and we look forward to the tremendous support of your Wallaceburg Thrashers,” wrote Lilley.

The Wallaceburg Thrashers will begin competition in the summer of 2015. They relocated to Wallaceburg this summer from Sarnia, where the franchise was formerly called the Sarnia Beavers.

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