Top 15 Chatham-Kent Women’s Hockey Prospects: Midseason Update

Back in July, we did our first Chatham-Kent Women’s Hockey Prospects list . While the list wasn’t perfect, it was a start.

We changed our original format (Top 10), to a Top 15 list to match the men’s side. This expansion has involved a lot of digging, travelling to see games, and although we recognize we may have omitted some worthy names, this list is ever improving. By the time our next update comes out in the New Year, our women’s prospects list should be a key tool for those looking to spot the who’s who of CK hockey.

Our list also has a few new conditions, no player currently in college hockey, no player committed to a University program (which is why a player like Meredith Goldhawk was eliminated from our list), and no player younger than the 2001 age group (which is why Jessie McPherson is no longer listed), as we feel too much development is possible after this age.

Therefore, to make our list, you must be a candidate to move on to a higher level, whether that be the PWHL, or an OUA or NCAA hockey program, but not currently committed.

So here we go, Chatham-Kent’s Top 15 Women’s Hockey prospects:

14/15. Halle and Jillian Crane (Chatham) – Hard to disconnect these two, as they’ve travelled and played together since day one. Defenders are hard pressed to come by on this list, and the Crane twins are a solid duo. Not flashy, the pair, played ‘AA’ in Windsor last year, and are now with the Windsor Wildcats Midget ‘AA’ team. Being actively recruited from across the border, education is the top priority for this pair, but that could find them coupled with an on ice program as well next Fall. 1997 born, the Crane’s time on this list will be limited.

13. Mikayla Demaiter (Chatham) – The netminder for the Bantam ‘A’ Chatham Outlaws, Demaiter has lightning quick reflexes. Still perfecting the finer points to the position after transitioning to the goaltending position late, it’s the raw potential, and room for growth that spots Demaiter on this list. Demaiter fights to stay in the play, and has game stealing abilities. As her strength grows, her rebound control will also improve. Much remains untapped in Demaiter, but she has a high ceiling if she continues to work. Demaiter is also the starting netminder for the CKSS Golden Hawks as a grade 9 this season.

12. Taylor Lockwood (Chatham) – With speed to burn, Lockwood is an undersized forward who plays for the Windsor Wildcats Midget ‘AA’ team and CKSS Golden Hawks. Originally developing in the Kitchener program, Lockwood’s skating is superior to most on this list. A 1999 born player, she possesses a scoring touch, and a willingness to play a bigger game than her stature suggests.

Sydney Authier - UCC Lancers Hockey

Sydney Authier prepares for a shot in net with the UCC Lancers – Photo by Wyatt Williams

11. Sydney Authier (Wallaceburg) – Backstopping the Chatham Outlaws Midget ‘AA’ team, and UCC Lancers again this year, Authier, who is in grade 12, got off to a slightly slower start this season after battling an injury, but is back, not only in the game, but on top of her game. Authier faces the uphill battle of many goaltenders, which is fighting for the limited spots at a higher level. Whatever school Authier chooses this coming year, she will compete for a depth position in net.

10. Elizabeth Vanderveeken (Wallaceburg) – A big body from Wallaceburg, Vanderveeken is playing this season for the Windsor Wildcats Midget ‘AA’ team. Positionally strong, possessing a booming shot, Vanderveeken has a lot of upside due to her size, composure, and shot. Although she skates well, as with any player her size, particularly on the blueline, this is an area of improvement she’ll need to continue to develop. As a 1998 born player who is physically strong, Vanderveeken stands a good shot at a spot in the PWHL next season. She’ll eat a lot of minutes in the LKSSAA high school loop captaining the WDSS Tartans.

9. Corinna Vandenboorn (Ridgetown) – The only 2000 on this list, Vandenboorn comes from a hockey family that includes two brothers spanning from ‘AAA’ to Junior C. Corinna however, might be the best of the bunch. With the Midget ‘AA’ team destined to lose 5-6 forwards next season, Vandenboorn will be counted on to step into the ‘AA’ lineup and contribute, much like she has the past two season with Chatham’s Bantam ‘A’ entry.

Sydney Sabourin - Hockey - CKSS Golden Hawks

CKSS’ Sydney Sabourin, who also plays for the Chatham Outlaws, chases down a puck against UCC – Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch/

8. Sydney Sabourin (Chatham) – One of only three 1999 born players on the Chatham Outlaws Midget ‘AA’ team, Sabourin has flown under the radar a bit due to the depth of her ‘AA’ teams older players. Physically strong thanks to her off ice training, watch for Sabourin to start producing offense as her confidence improves. Known to play a solid two-way game, Sabourin has shown her offensive potential, and ability to be a game changer for the Chatham-Kent Secondary School Golden Hawks high school team. Once Sabourin begins believing, others will believe as well, and she’ll find the consistent production that it takes to climb to the top of this list. Sabourin will likely soon be joined by her younger sister Payton on this list. Payton, a player to watch, likely could have slotted into one of the final spots on this edition.

7. Emma Gorski (Wallaceburg) – A 2001 birth year, Gorski backstopped the West Coast Selects U14 team this past summer in Europe, helping to identify her as one of Ontario’s top goaltending prospects in her age group. Destined to play for the Chatham-Kent Secondary School Golden Hawks next season, Gorski is currently in grade 8 at John N. Given Public School. A Wallaceburg product, Gorski is currently playing for the Sarnia Lady Sting Bantam ‘AA’ team.

6. Megan Morehouse (Bothwell) – A dynamic scorer for the Chatham Outlaws Bantam ‘A’ team last year, Morehouse has stepped into the Outlaws Midget ‘AA’ program this year, alongside Sabourin, as one of three 1999 born players. Morehouse has a large offensive upside, and will be counted upon to carry the Outlaws’ offense next year when the programs top players graduate to the PWHL…that is, if Morehouse doesn’t make the jump herself. At the high school level, Morehouse is the go to player for the Lambton-Kent Composite School Cardinals, where she’ll have the chance to work on her skills, and build confidence.

5. Kaitlyn Isaac (Wallaceburg) – After playing ‘AAA’ boys hockey in Michigan with Little Caesars last season, Isaac made the jump to the girls game this season, and is suiting up for the Sarnia Lady Sting Bantam ‘AA’ team. Also a member of the West Coast Selects U14 team that visited Europe, Isaac will move on to bigger things if she continues her development. Slick skills, Isaac should be an early contributor to a Midget ‘AA’ team next season, and continue her ascent from there.

4. Maddy Lalonde (Blenheim) – A gifted scorer, Lalonde, a 1998 prospect is having another strong season with the Chatham Outlaws Midget ‘AA’ team. After this season however, she’ll have accomplished everything she can at the level. Another of a group of Chatham’s top female athlete parlaying a dedicated off ice regiment into on ice results. Lalonde possesses playmaking abilities, and on ice vision, which creates offense for herself, and those around her. To reach the level her skills suggest she is capable of, Lalonde needs to make the jump out of Chatham to the Junior level next season.

Lauren Nicholson - Hockey

UCC’s Lauren Nicholson puts a CKSS opponent in a headlock in high school hockey action this season – Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch/

3. Lauren Nicholson (Dresden) – The leading scorer for the Chatham Outlaws Midget ‘AA’ team last season, Nicholson is a physically dominant player, who has utilized her off ice training to take her game to the next level. She is again a top scorer with the Midget ‘AA’ Outlaws, begging the question, when will Nicholson leave Chatham for a PWHL team? Nicholson could, and likely should be in the PWHL this season, but will step into a contributing role in the league next year, and draw attention from both NCAA and OUA schools.

2. Sydnee Baker (Chatham) – A physically imposing player, Baker is playing for the PWHL’s London Devilettes. At five-foot-ten, Baker has the ability to push her opponents off the puck, and she continues to get stronger. After recouping from an early season injury, Baker is acclimatizing to the PWHL game, and beginning to make an impact. A key member of the UCC Lancers high school program, Baker is currently in grade 11. With another full year in the PWHL, Baker will have NCAA and OUA programs competing for her services in 2016-2017.

Sydnee Baker - London Devilettes - PWHL

Sydnee Baker playing for the PWHL’s London Devilettes – Contributed Photo

1. Katreena Whiteye (Moraviantown) – After playing last season with the Bluewater Hawks Midget ‘AA’ team, Whiteye graduated to the PWHL ranks this season, playing for the Hawks’ Junior entry. Off to a solid offensive start this season, the 1999 born Whiteye is not out of place among her older competition. Her five-foot-four frame no hinderance, Whiteye quietly finds a way to score and beat teams using her elite skill set. Playing for the UCC Lancers, and the Hawks this season, Whiteye will get plenty of ice time and exposure. Whiteye will play college hockey, and could be an early commit to a major program.

Players to watch: Payton Sabourin, Alison Stephens, Cassie Whiteye, Ally Daly, Riley Vanderydt, Renae Nevills, Amber Lumley, Madison Findlater, Jessie McPherson, Sam Anderson, Kirsten Horney, Sydney Hachey, Emma Doom, Camille Blain, Carly Belanger, Sophie Maine, Maia Collins.

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    JIM 7 years

    Where do you come up with some of these names?? You’ve got girls on your list who are grade 7 girls! Really?? Those last 4 in players to watch are absolutely ridiculous.

    • comment-avatar

      That’s why they remain as “Players to Watch.” The limitation for our list is the 2001 age group.

      And I would argue that the players are not “ridiculous.”

      It’s seems rather strange that someone would come here and call the prospects of a young hockey player advancing, or the identification of players as having potential as ridiculous.

      Jessie McPherson and Cassie Whiteye are both 2002’s earlier on that list, and in fact we included McPherson in our first ever women’s list.

      I can guarantee some of those players will be on this list in 1-2 years. That’s why they are players to watch.

      As a recommendation, the next time you want to call something “ridiculous,” make sure you use your real (full) name. Otherwise I won’t approve any comments similar to this in the future from your IP.

      • comment-avatar

        In addition to that. Top prospects will likely begin being recruited in grade’s 9 and 10 by NCAA and OUA schools. Therefore it makes sense to begin promoting these young athletes as early as possible. And that is what this list is here for, to promote and celebrate these young athletes.

        We have had numerous athletes tell us that schools directly spotted their accomplishments on CKSN, so we’ll continue promoting as many young athletes as possible, even if they’re in elementary school.