Day One Of LKSSAA In The Books

LKSSAA track and field

A group of runners competes in the 1500m during day one of LKSSAA track and field – Photo contributed by Peggy Johnson

Day one of the LKSSAA track and field championships were held Tuesday in Chatham.

Below are local top three finishers from the opening day:

Midget Competitions

  • Womens 100m Dash: Megan Berkvens (2nd, 13.83, Wallaceburg), Lakyn Willmore (3rd, 14.18, CKSS)
  • Mens 100m Dash: Jaden Wilson (1st, 12.29, JMSS), Jeff Carey (2nd, 12.32, UCC)
  • Womens 400m: Emma Pegg (1st, 58.19, CKSS), Krya Velliga (3rd, 1:04.73, Chatham Christian)
  • Mens 400m: Jeff Carey (1st, , 56.61, UCC)
  • Womens 1500m: Emma Pegg (1st, 4:55.28, CKSS), Alyssa Robinson (2nd, 5:12.32, CKSS)
  • Womens 80m Hurdles: Becca Purcell (2nd, 14.80, CKSS)
  • Mens 100m Hurdles: Jaden Wilson (1st, 15.32, JMSS), Cole Palmateer (3rd, 16.52, UCC)
  • Womens Long Jump: Becca Purcell (1st, 4.56m, CKSS)
  • Mens Long Jump: Logan Stefina (3rd, 5.11m, UCC)
  • Womens Shot Put: Abby Stokes (2nd, 9.44m, CKSS)
  • Mens Javelin: Logan Smith (3rd, 37.23m, CKSS)

Junior Competitions

  • Womens 100m Dash: Sophie Maine (1st, 13.76, CKSS), Jocelyn Maryschak (2nd, 13.82, CKSS), Madi Douma (3rd, 13.95, CKSS)
  • Mens 100m Dash: Giovanni Magliaro (3rd, 12.07, CKSS)
  • Womens 400m Dash: Madi Douma (3rd, 1:07.99, CKSS)
  • Womens 1500m: Anna Trinca (1st, 5:21.23, CKSS), Brooke Macleod (2nd, 5:33.78, UCC), Maddy Turnbull (3rd, 5:41.77, CKSS)
  • Womens 80m Hurdles: Camille Blain (1st, 12.79, CKSS), Sophie Maine (2nd, 13.27, CKSS)
  • Womens Long Jump: Kirby Mackinnon (1st, 4.55m, CKSS), Korinne Sonneveld (2nd, 4.50m, Blenheim)
  • Womens Triple Jump: Korinne Sonneveld (2nd, 9.74m, Blenheim)
  • Mens Shot Put: Aiden Lucyk (3rd, 13.45m, UCC)

Senior Competitions

  • Womens 100m Dash: Hannah St. Pierre (1st, 13.19, CKSS)
  • Mens 100m Dash: Tye Douma (1st, 11.57, CKSS)
  • Womens 400m: Payton Sabourin (1st, 59.35, CKSS), Chloe Pugh (3rd, 1:02.38, CKSS)
  • Mens 400m: Tye Douma (1st, 50.60, CKSS), Curtis Godfrey (3rd, 52.58, CKSS)
  • Womens High Jump: Bailey Spence (2nd, 1.51m, UCC)
  • Mens High Jump: Ryan Muharrem (3rd, 1.65m, CKSS)
  • Womens Triple Jump: Carolyn Prins (2nd, 10.49m, Chatham Christian)
  • Womens Javelin: Kealy Taylor-Noah (1st, 35.40m, Ridgetown), Marandee Hunter (2nd, 31.25m, CKSS)
  • Womens 1500m Steeplechase: Tamara Depauw (3rd, 5:59.71, UCC)
  • Mens 2000m Steeplechase: Thador Tekhli (1st, 6:40.87, CKSS), Cameron Ross (2nd, 6:57.37, CKSS)
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