Dresden Group Wants To Change Arena Name To Honour Ken Houston

When Dresden hockey legend Ken Houston passed away in March, it left a gaping hole in the local sports community.

Now, a local group, spearheaded by Dresden Jr. Kings president Dave Cameron, are looking to honour Houston, by renaming the Lambton-Kent Memorial Agricultural Centre after Kent Houston.

“We came up with idea when Ken passed,” said Cameron. “We talked to some of Chatham-Kent Council, they thought it was a good idea.”

The group, which also includes the Houston family, who gave their blessing to Cameron on the project, is now waiting for a new process and form to be put in place by the Municipality, so they can formally submit an application for a name change.

“When we pick the name, we’ll probably have everyone who has been involvement with old name be there, and to get on board,” Cameron explained. We don’t want to change, and upset a group who helped build the original arena.”

The Lambton-Kent Memorial Agricultural Centre was built in 1953, with support of the Legion, the local Agricultural Society, and both Lambton and Kent County, hence the current name.

For Cameron, and the many supporters who have jumped on board with the idea in recent months, he feels the legend, and legacy Houston left behind in Dresden, is worthy of recognition and for the Arena to honour his name.

“He was the first from our area of Dresden to make it to the NHL,” said Cameron. “Everybody followed him and was eager to see what he did. It was a big deal every morning to see what he did. It didn’t matter if it was kid or adult, he was your guy, everybody who grew up in Dresden said Ken was their hero.”

“He did a lot, everything for the community of Dresden. We’ve got a lot of feedback, all positive, but it will be good for the community to honour Ken, and remember him.”

Cameron, and other local supporters are hoping a decision can be in place by the Fall, just in time for hockey season.

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