Jessica Jordan, “This Is Only The Beginning Of The Fight For Equality”

Jessica Jordan basketball
Jessica Jordan takes a free throw for Fanshawe

The Black Lives Matter movement has been front and center in the news across North America, and the globe in recent weeks.

For local black athletes and advocates, this included an incredibly successful Black Lives Matter march last week.

“The showing was amazing,” said Fanshawe College basketball star Jessica Jordan, who was a key supporter of the Chatham-Kent Supports Black Lives Matter event.

“I was honestly surprised by the amount of people who came out to the event and the support that was received regarding the Black Lives Matter movement here. The protest went better than I could’ve imagined and it was such a great feeling to know that Chatham-Kent has so many allies.”

Jordan, who is ready to enter her third season of OCAA basketball with Fanshawe, is coming off back-to-back provincial championships.

She knows what it takes to be successful, which is why despite the incredible event which occurred in Chatham for Black Lives Matter (BLM), Jordan knows it’s just a beginning toward making significant, and lasting change.

“Though Black Lives Matter is no longer a trending hashtag on socials such as Twitter and Instagram, we must continue to support the BLM movement because justice has not been served yet. Black lives and the lives of people of colour are not being treated equally in Canada and with more support, we have power in numbers to make a difference. This is only the beginning of the fight for equality and we must continue to support the movement to make a change because we need change.”

Following the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota at the hands of police, and hundreds of other black individuals across the globe, Jordan, and many other advocates know the time for systemic change is long overdue.

“Personally I believe that the nationwide and worldwide support of BLM has been long overdue and it’s sad that we had to see the gruesome murder of George Floyd to finally stand up and try to make a difference for the black community. Though the circumstances of the protests during a pandemic are not ideal, it’s an empowering feeling to see thousand across the world supporting the same thing you stand for. Seeing everyone come out gives me a reason to fight for what I believe in and to voice my opinion on black lives and the racism black lives still face in Canada. I hope to pass on the message that all lives don’t matter until black lives matter. We must continue to fight together. Go sign petitions and donate. We can win together as long as we continue to support each other.”

That’s a powerful message, and one worth fighting for here in Chatham-Kent, and across the globe.

No justice, no peace.

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