A conversation with the 2023 Chatham Sports Hall of Fame inductees – Part 2

With four new names being added to the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame this fall, CKSN has contacted the inductees to learn more about their athletic careers.

Today’s interview is with Al Hinnegan who is being inducted in the Legend category.

What would you consider your biggest highlight of your career?

The Yost Honor Award 1961-62 The University of Michigan
Scholastics and intercollegiate athletics 20 athletes awarded. I was the only hockey player honoured that year.

Who were some of your biggest influencers or mentors in your sports career?

My father Don Hinnegan and UWO coach Bill L’Heureux

What were your thoughts when you got the call you were being inducted into the HOF?

I was honoured and humbled and proud to be joining my father in the HOF.

What would your advice to be to your younger self if you could go back in time and talk to yourself as a teenager?

Select an appropriate role model and follow his lead.

The awards will be handed out to the class of 2023 on Thursday, September 28 at the Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham. Tickets are on sale now.

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